5 Adult Actresses Who Committed Suicide

The worldwide Adult movies’ industry is enormous and for what reason not? There are millions of people who are simply crazy about these movies and the stars who work in it. Now and then while watching these movies, you might have wondered about the life of an adult star. You must have thought it to be full of passion and amazingly interesting, and how these adult actresses and actors make the most of their life. So here is the 5 Adult Actresses Who Committed Suicide.

5 Adult Actresses Who Committed Suicide

1. Karen Lancaume despite all the fame and popularity left the industry in 2002. She wanted to make a career in the mainstream cinema. Unfortunately, she committed suicide at her boyfriend’s flat by taking an overdose of temazepam and liquor.

2. Megan Leigh was only 26 years old when she shot herself in the head and ended her life.

3. Dana Plato gained popularity as a child performing artist who transformed into an adult actress in 80’s as there was no mainstream work left for her. She committed suicide by taking an overdose of painkillers

4. August Ames was a famous Canadian Adult performer who hanged herself to death in December 2017 after being a victim of online bullying on Twitter.

5. Shauna Grant killed herself by shooting herself in the head with a rifle after her partner was arrested by the Police.

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