5 Bold Movies That Are Banned In India, Are Available On Youtube

There is a lot of noise in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film “Padmavati”, in the country, there is a lot of noise and there is a continuous crackdown on the place. There are so many films in India which have ever been banned by violence against their bold subjects, but in spite of Bain, there are some movies which can be easily seen on YouTube. Let’s find out which of these movies are there. So here is the 5 Bold Movies That Are Banned In India, Are Available On Youtube.

5 Bold Movies That Are Banned In India, Are Available On Youtube


The film “Unfreedom” based on gay relations has been banned by the censor board. You can not see this movie with your family together. But you can watch this movie very easily on YouTube.


This film, made in 2005, is made on the affairs of a church clerical and a woman, which was very fierce in Christian Dharam, and the censor board decided not to release it but this film has been available on YouTube for many years. And the list of those who see it is quite big.

Bandit Queen:

This movie based on the life of Dacoit Phoolan Devi of Chambal Valley will touch your heart. The way Phoolan Devi and her family were wronged, it should have been shown on the big screen in right earnest, but due to bloodshed and bold scenes in the film, the censor board decided that the film was not in cinemas Be shown.


In 1996, Mira Naire did not even think that the country of Cadetsu’s idols in the caves and temples of the country would be banned by this country. To be honest, the film could not be shown on the big screen in right earnest because the film has a flood of erotic scenes, which was not right to see with the family. But this movie on YouTube has been seen not only once or twice but many times.


In 2003, this film was produced by Anurag Kashyap. The censor board made this film as Ben because the film was shown much more than violence and drug abuse. However, these movies are available on YouTube.

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