5 Famous Celebrities Who Suffered From HIV/AIDS

One of those diseases that is yet to see a cure is AIDS. Irrespective of the campaigns and measures that educate people on the prevention of AIDS, people still end up with this deadly disease. And no, it’s not just the common people who fall prey to it, some popular celebs too have succumbed to AIDS. Here is a list of 6 celebs who were tested positive for HIV/AIDS. So here is the 5 Famous Celebrities Who Suffered From HIV/AIDS.

5 Famous Celebrities Who Suffered From HIV/AIDS

1. Gia Carangi

A top American model who had worked for some of the most prominent brands like Levi, Giorgio Armani, and Maybelline among others but could not help getting addicted to heroine. Shortly after an HIV virus infected her body, Gia succumbed to the illness at the age of 26.

2. Rock Hudson

An ace actor of his times, Rock Hudson contracted AIDS due to an infected blood transfusion during his heart bypass operation. He died at the age of 60.

3. Ricky Wilson

This American musician was a member of the famous band B52 and used to play guitar. Post his diagnoses of AIDS, he fought for his life for two years but lost his battle to death at the age of 32.

4. Pedro Pablo Zamora

Lauded by the then US President Bill Clinton for his courage to come out in the open about his sexual orientation, Pedro Pablo died at the young age of 22 due to AIDS.

5. Brad Davis

Remember for his acting in the movie ‘Midnight Express’, Brad was diagnosed with AIDS in 1985 but he kept the news under cover. A little before his death, he published an autobiography where he revealed that the intention behind keeping his illness under wraps was for the benefit of his family.

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