5 Indian Actresses Who Had Their Real-Life L3sbian Moments In Public

1. Poonam Pandey and her female-companion

Easily imparting lap-to-lap position to her girlie in a confined region, Poonam was seen to be boldly planting a personal kiss on to her better half’s lips, inducing an eye popping response! Labeling the photo to be Gang of young ladies, Poonam further played with words and showed this hot smorgasbord on twitter to her adored twitteratis!Poonam Pandey tweeted, “Its Gang of Gurls.. What a beaut day! Had all my Besties the Gurl gand for Sunday lunch and refreshments.”

2. Sara Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee

In spite of the fact that Sara Khan was called as a disputable starlet in Big Boss house due to her asserted fake marriage spell, yet she figured out how to get eyeballs. Yes! We are discussing her enthusiastic kiss with Pratyusha Banerjee out in the open. To aggravate matter, this swinger performing artist flippantly guaranteed that she is Pratyusha’s sweetheart. All things considered, what else one can say now!

3. Mink Brar with her model-companion

Appears like Mink Brar was entirely ravenous, and in this manner snatched a lip of her female companion! Pondering what makes us to say this confounding explanation? All things considered, the personal lip-to-lip kiss video in the middle of Mink and her female companion in the swimming pool that gone spilled and viral, have quite recently left the viewers in a stun state. Trust this depiction assisted you with cherishing old recollections!

4. Rakhi Sawant and Kainaaz Pervees

Drawing near or frantic for consideration, well Rakhi Sawant kiss talks so anyone might hear about the same. This indiscriminate star drummed up some excitement in the business by getting personal with Kainaaz Pervees. While this was considered as a standout amongst the most unusual story of Bollywood, yet the two battling performing artist figured out how to snatch some spotlight. Appears like Rakhi can never come over her graceless appearance!

5. Sara Khan and Pooja Bose

The lip-lock of Sara Khan and Pooja Bose had dependably been in media’s spotlight for very much quite a while. In spite of the fact that both the performing artists disproved gossipy tidbits guaranteeing that kissing on lips does not imply that they are a lesbian! Be that as it may, we ponder, what else does it mean?

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