5 Kids Who Are Parents Themselves!

Today, the topic is a little serious one. We usually when talk about kids, we think about them playing, swinging, painting , drawing. Here, we list down some kids who became parents themselves. At a mere age of playing football and games with their friends, they landed up on responsibilities of baby. So here is the 5 Kids Who Are Parents Themselves!.

5 Kids Who Are Parents Themselves!

1. Lina Medina

She is the youngest confirmed birth mother in medical history of the world. She was merely 5 years old, when she felt unusual pain. When her family decided to take her to doctor, what doctor saw left everybody awestruck. He reported her pregnancy. Her baby’s father could never be identified.

2. Sherry Johnson

Sherry was 10 years old, when she gave birth. The father of her child was an adult member of church, this fact created a horrifying situation for both morally and legally. Her mother asked Sherry that what she felt about marrying that man, apart from how young Sherry felt she agreed and a Florida judge approved the marriage in order to terminate the criminal case pending against the church member. At 10, she gave birth to a daughter and at 11 she married the man.

3. Tyler Barker

Alfie Patten was announced as the world’s first baby-faced father. He was 12 years old when he had baby with a Shantel Steadman who was 13. Alfie’s family did agreed to take the responsibility of the baby. Later, it was revealed that he was not the actual father of the baby. His family believed that the allegation was arouse by Shantel and her family to gain lucrative media deals. After that, several boys proclaimed that they could be the father.

4. Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart was just 11 years old, when he got his next door neighbor 15-year old Emma Webster pregnant. At the time of their dating, Sean used to climb the roof just to hook up with Emma after dark. Although, the pair used protection but one time it failed. The result was Emma’s pregnancy. His son was born just a day after his 12 birthday.

5. April Webster and Nathan Fishbourne

April Webster discovered that she is pregnant when she just became a teenager. She was 13, the same age as of her boyfriend Nathan Fishbourne. The day before her 14th birthday, she discovered that she was pregnant. Despite his young age, Nathan was thrilled to be a father and loved caring for his son. Both families were shocked first and then accepted the fact that, they now have a grandson.

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