7 Unexpected Deaths At The Olympics

Today we are probing another tragic combination i.e., sports and death. The Olympics are watched all over the world. Everybody watch this game enthusiastically as this competition provides entertainment and a true vision of achievements. Olympics are the show of true dedication of one towards his game. So here are the 7 Unexpected Deaths At The Olympics.

7 Unexpected Deaths At The Olympics

1. Knut Jensen

In 1960, summer Olympics were held in the blistering heat of Rome. It was nearly 104 degree Fahrenheit. Everyone was trying hard to deal with the heat and simultaneously to perform better. Danish team already were on their back foot. One of their cyclists was already knocked down due to heat, other three tried to keep the pace.

2. Luger Nodar 

Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili from the country of Georgia was killed in the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He went off course, a training run and crashed into the support barrier next to the track. He crashed a the speed of 150 miles per hour and died instantly. This horrible death, cast a shadow all over the game.

3. Nikolai Peris Jett

During the 1936, summer Olympics in Berlin, a Romanian boxer named- Nikolai Peris Jett died four days after fighting a featherweight boxing match. It was reported as the case of  blood poisoning, some say it was due to injuries that remained because of fight.

4. Francisco Lazaro

This is a story of a marathon runner, who died covered in wax. Francisco Lazaro became the first person to die in Olympics when he collapsed and died, when running a marathon in  a 1912, Stockholm Olympics. Back in those days, sunscreen doesn’t really existed and it was really hot in those days.

5. Eliska Misakova

She was the only person who was awarded with the posthumus gold medal. Eliska Misakova, in 1948 London Olympics, she fell ill due to polio. She was the part of Czechoslovakia team. The day, she died in hospital, was the same day, their team received an Olympic gold medal.

6. Political Conspiracy

This death happened before the 10 days of Olympic, but it was definitely a politically motivated death. This happened during 1968, Mexico games. Mexican government spent a lot of money in the Olympics and local people were not so happy about it. This was because, at that time, Mexico was financially suffering.

7. Terror Plot

There was a terror plot in Atlanta during Atlantic Olympics in 1996. Eric Robert Rudolph planted the largest pipe bomb in American history at the Centennial Olympic Park. Luckily, an undercover detective named Richard Jewell spotted the suspect package.

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