The Mystery Behind The Only ‘Lockless’ Bank Of India?

A bank is known for being a place where cash and valuables can be kept safe. This protection of cash and valuables is ensured by the sophisticated security system that is installed in these banks. Therefore, for the purpose banks serve for their clients, it is almost unimaginable that they exist without a security system. But there is a bank in India that is never protected by locks. So here is the The Mystery Behind The Only ‘Lockless’ Bank Of India? .

The Mystery Behind The Only ‘Lockless’ Bank Of India?

It is the Shani Shignapur branch of United Commercial Bank (UCO Bank) that has no locks and is hence the only “lockless” bank of the country. The reason behind the bank not using any locks in this branch is quite interesting and has connection with the famous temple of Shani Shignapur.

Shani Shignapur is a small village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The village is known for its famous Shani temple, a shrine who presiding deity is Lord Shani. The temple is visited by more than 5,000 devotees every day during the weekdays, while on the weekends, it is thronged by as many as 1,00,000 devotees.

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