This Mumbai Guy Rode A Horse To Collect His iPhone

Sometimes, when we badly want something, there are chances that we do things bizarre and out of the box, rather unconventional, to succeed. Especially in the times when things spread like a fire on social media, all you need is an idea, no one has ever seen before. People do crazy things on social media to get famous and to get into the limelight. So here is the This Mumbai Guy Rode A Horse To Collect His iPhone.

This Mumbai Guy Rode A Horse To Collect His iPhone

Since the time iPhone X has been launched, people have been posting their selfies with their new iPhone X, just to show how happy they are to have received the best phone of their lives!


And now, what this Mumbai based guy did while he was on his way for receiving his prized possession, is epic. We would rather call it a stunt to be in headlines, however idiosyncratic.

A man from Thane’s Naupada district took a horse ride while holding a placard in his hand that read, “I love iPhone X”. Not only this, he also had his people walking by his side, playing band and celebrating.


As per reports, Pallival, a resident of Thane, went riding a horse with a cavalcade and a band party, just to receive his iPhone X at 6:30 pm at Thane’s Hariniwas circle. It was his attempt to stand out from the usual crowd and surely by now, it has attracted good attention.

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