Top 5 Bollywood Actresses Who Were Harassed In Public

Well, we think everyone is well- known for this incident when the Pop singer Mika Singh kissed her forcibly in an event in 2006. Rakhi also filed a case against him.

Amisha was molested by a fan in Gorakhpur during the launch of a jewellery store. He shows his notorious attempt to her when she was entering the store, Amisha slapped her in return for his activity.

Esha slapped a man hardly during an event in Pune in 2005. He was trying to get closer to her by taking advantage of the crowd.

Celina was the victim of molestation in the year 2005 when she was giving an interview in Mauritius. After returning back to India she told that incident was very terrible to her and also ensured that the man is arrested after the incident.

The daughter of veteran actor Anil Kapoor is one of the highest paid actresses in the Bollywood. At the time of promotion of the movie Raanjhana some fans tried to grope Sonam and she was protected and taken away from the mob safely by her co-star Dhanush.

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